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Fedora35 : WEB Server

Apache2 installation and virtual host configuration

1.Apache2 installed

①Install httpd

Version Check

2.Apache Configuration

①Edit "httpd.conf" file

②If Firewalld is enabled, HTTP service permission is required; HTTP uses [80/TCP]

⑤Apache Autostart Configuration

⑥operation check
If the Fedora Webserver Test Page is displayed as follows when accessing http://[server IP address], it is OK.
⑦Hide the Fedora Welcome page, create a new index.html file as a Test Page, and check the operation of apache.

Rename the welcome page

Create HTML test page

If you access http://<server IP address> and the Test Page is displayed as shown below, it is OK.

3.Virtual Host Settings

Assign and configure the FQDN name [] to the document root [/var/www/html/] directory for virtual host operation

Creating a Document Directory
Restart Apache

Confirmation of CGI Script Usage

①CGI availability check

②Create test scripts and check operation

PHP installation and configuration

1.PHP Installation

②Restart Apache

After PHP installation, restart Apache and PHP-FPM (FPM : FastCGI Process Manager) will be invoked by default, and php-fpm service will be started in conjunction with httpd startup.

③PHP operation check
Create the following files
Access http://<FQDN>/test.php in your browser and if you see the following screen, it is OK
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