Ubuntu Server24.04 ; NTP , FTP(Vsftpd) , Samba Install

1. Install NTP server

Configuration Reflection

Confirmation of operation

2. Install FTP server vsftpd

2.1 Installation and configuration


Allow PORT 21 at UFW

Configuration File Changes

Creating vsftpd.chroot_list

Restart vsftpd

Start FileZilla and select "Site Manager" from the "File" menu.

Click on "New site"

Enter the following settings for each item and click "Connect"
Protocol : SFTP-SSH File Transfer Protocol
Host : IP address of the server
Port : 2244 (pre-defined SSH port number)
Logon Type : Normal
User  : General user name (server login user)

If the connection is successful, the server directory is displayed on the right and the Windows directory on the left.

2.2 Vsftpd Over SSL/TLS

①Create a self-signed certificate.
If you are using a trusted, legitimate certificate such as Let's Encrypt, you do not need to do this work.

➁Edit Vsftpd configuration file

Restart Vsftpd

Start FileZilla and check
As before, select "Site Manager" from the "File" menu, select the appropriate server, click "Connect," and the following screen will appear.

3. File server installation with Samba

Build a file server with access rights that requires user authentication with Samba.
Installation Procedure
(1) Create a shared folder with access rights that requires user authentication.
(2) Create a group with access rights
(3)Create users belonging to groups that can be accessed
(4)Edit configuration file

3.1 samba Install

3.2 Create a shared folder (smbshare)

3.3 Create accessible group (smbgroup)

3.4 Configuration File Edit

3.5 SMB Restart

3.6 User (smbuser) registration, password setting, group registration

3.7 UFW to allow Samba services

3.8 Accessing shared directories from Windows 11

Connect from Windows Explorer
Open Explorer and enter "\\server IP" (in this case in the address field.
Access the server.

You will be asked to enter your authentication information.
User name : User name created in "3.6 User (smbuser) Registration, Password Setting, Group Registration"
Password : Password for the above user
Click "OK"

Confirm that files and folders are newly created when the shared directory information is displayed.

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