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Ubuntu Server 20.04 NTP , FTP , WEB server

1. Install an NTP server

Settings reflect
# Operation check

2. Install the FTP server vsftpd


②Open PORT 21 at UFW

③Configuration file changes

④Create vsftpd.chroot_list

⑤Restart vsftpd

⑥Check with FTP client

This time we will use FFFTP.
Open FFFTP and select Connect from the menu bar.
This will open a window called Host List. Please select a new host.

「General」tab open
Fill in the following fields
1.Profile Name (any name)
2.Host Name/Adress(Server IP address)
3.Username(General User Name)
4.Password/Phrase(General user password)

You are now back in the Host List window. Please press Connect

The window Saving the encryption status will open. Please select Yes

If you see the Windows directory on the left and the Ubuntu directory on the right, you have successfully connected.
If you can't get through, turn Passive mode on and off.

3. Apache2 installation

First allow port http:80 and port https:443 on UFW

3.1 Install Apache 2

3.2 Apache2 Basic Configuration

Apache restart

3.3 Apache2 : Using Perl Scripts

Enable CGI and configure it to use Perl scripts
①Install Perl

②Enable and restart the CGI module

③Check CGI modules are enabled

Test script creation

Granting permissions to script files

Operation check

“curl: If you get the message "Command not found"


3.4 Apache2 : Using PHP Scripts

①Install PHP

②Configuring Apache2

③Create a PHP test page to see how it works

Access "http://<server IP address>/index.php" in your browser

If you get a screen like this, you have succeeded

3.5 Apache2 : Virtual Host Configuration

①Copy the default configuration file(The file name is arbitrary, in this case "vhost-yourdomain.conf" as an example)
Virtual host configuration

②Edit the configuration file you have created

③Disable the default configuration file by symlinking to it

④Editing the hosts file

⑤Create directory

⑥Create a test page and check it works

⑦Check by accessing "http://<FQDN>/index.html" in your browser

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