Debian12.5 ; NTP ,FTP Server Installation

1. Install NTP server

Setting Reflection

Operation check

2. Install FTP Server

2.1 Install Vsftpd

FTP Port21 allowed

2.2 Edit Vsftpd configuration file

Next, create a new vsftpd.chroot_list under etc.
Add your Debian username (e.g. huong) to this file.

Enable vsftpd and restart

2.3 Check FTP connection

Check with FTP client
In this case, we will use FileZilla.
Start FileZilla and change FileZilla settings first, menu "Edit" "Settings"

Click on "New site" and then
Protocol : FTP-File Transfer Protocol
Host : Server IP Address
Port : (can be blank)
Encryption : Use expllict FTP ocver TLS if available
Logon Type : Ask for password
User  : Login User Name

Password : Password for logged-in user

Click "OK" when the following screen appears

If you see the Windows directory on the left and the Debian directory on the right, the connection was successful.

3. Vsftpd SSL/TLS

Configure Vsftpd to use SSL/TLS

3.1 Create self-signed certificates

This work is not required if you are using a trusted, legitimate certificate such as Let's Encrypt.

3.2 Vsftpd Configuration

When connecting to FileZilla, the following screen appears, check the box and click "OK" to connect as described above.

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