OpenSUSE15.6 ; Obtain SSL Certificate (Let's Encrypt) 、Web Server SSL

1.Obtain an SSL Certificate (Let's Encrypt)

Enable mod_ssl

1.1 Certificate Installation

# Registration of e-mail address and agreement to terms of use are required for the first time only.
# Specify an email address to receive

Success if displayed"Successfully received certificate"
# The following certificate is obtained under [/etc/letsencrypt/live/<FQDN>/] as described in the message

# cert.pem ⇒ SSL server certificate (including public key)
# chain.pem ⇒ intermediate certificate
# fullchain.pem ⇒ File containing cert.pem and chain.pem combined
# privkey.pem ⇒ private key

2. Web server SSL conversion

2.1 SSL Configuration

2.2 Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

To redirect all HTTP communications to HTTPS, enter the following in each virtualhost setting.

HTTPS service must be allowed if Firewalld is enabled; HTTPS uses 443/TCP.

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