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MIRACLE ZBX 6.0 Install

MIRACLE ZBX, enterprise-oriented integrated system monitoring software based on the open source Zabbix, with enhancements and modifications provided by Cybertrust. It implements security enhancements that comply with some requirements of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) security guidelines "NIST SP800-171" and "NIST SP800-53", which are becoming an international standard for security standards.

SELinux must be set to permissive

1. Register dnf repository for MIRACLE ZBX 6.0

Install Repository

2. Configure firewall for MIRACLE ZBX

The ports used by MIRACLE ZBX components are as follows
MIRACLE ZBX Web front-end : 80/tcp
MIRACLE ZBX Agent/Agent 2 : 10050/tcp
MIRACLE ZBX Server/Proxy : 10051/tcp
MIRACLE ZBX Java Gateway : 10052/tcp
MIRACLE ZBX Web Service : 10053/tcp

This time, only "MIRACLE ZBX Web Front End", "MIRACLE ZBX Agent2" and "MIRACLE ZBX Server" will be installed, so allow the following ports.

3. Installation of MIRACLE ZBX Server and Web Front End

①Install MIRACLE ZBX package for MariaDB/MySQL

②Create database and users for MIRACLE ZBX server
Create database schema for Zabbix server.
Login to the MySQL server as root account and create a MySQL database (e.g. zabbix), user (e.g. zabbix) and password (e.g. ?Wabcd123).

③Import initial data from MIRACLE ZBX
Import the initial database schema and data from MIRACLE ZBX into the newly created database.

④Edit MIRACLE ZBX server configuration file
Edit the MIRACLE ZBX server configuration file and update the database settings in order for the MIRACLE ZBX server to connect to the database

⑤Start service zabbix-server

⑥Install packages for web front-end and Apache

⑦Start httpd and php-fpm

4. Monitor the MIRACLE ZBX server itself

①Install MIRACLE ZBX Agent 2 package on this server to monitor the server itself

②Edit configuration file /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agent2.conf

③Start zabbix-agent2

5. Run the MIRACLE ZBX Web Installer

MIRACLE ZBX Web Installer can be accessed via "server IP/zabbix" or "domain/zabbix".
Open a web browser and enter "http: //[your-server-IP_Address]/zabbix".
You will get the following screen. Click on [Next step].

After confirming that all requirements are OK, click [ Next step]

Enter the information you have set in the "Database name", "User", and "Password" fields, and click [ Next step ].

Enter any name for "Zabbix server names" and select Asia/Tokyo for time zone.
After confirming that you are in your own time zone, click [ Next step ].

Reconfirm settings If information is correct, click [Next step]

When the installation is successfully completed, the following page will appear. Click [Finish]

You will be redirected to MIRACLE ZBX login page

Sign in" using the following credentials

After successful login you will see the following screen (Zabbix Dashboard).

6. Various settings for MIRACLE ZBX

6.1 administrator password change, administrator email address settings

Change the default administrator password for security purposes
Also set up the administrator's email address
Once the above dashboard is displayed, continue

①Select "Administration" - "Users" in the left pane and click "Admin" in the right pane

②Click [Change paddword]

③Enter the password you wish to change and click [Update.]

④Come back to the [Users] screen, go to the [Media] tab, and click the [Add] link

[Select "Email" in the "Type" field, enter the administrator's email address in the "Send to" field, and click the "Add" button.

⑥Click the "Update" button to complete registration.

6.2 Monitoring Host Configuration

①Log in to the Zabbix administration site and select Configuration - Hosts in the left pane.
In the right pane you should see the local host with Zabbix Agent installed, check it and click the Enable button. (Currently you should see the zabbix server itself)

②Host name is registered with Zabbix server by default, but this should match [Hostname=***] set in /etc/zabbix_agentd.conf.
Click on "Zabbix server", make changes and click on "Update" button.

③After some time has passed, various data will be collected and the status of the server can be checked as shown below.
Left side Monitoring > Hosts Click

④Click on Lepard Select [Grahs]

The following monitoring status screen will appear

7. MIRACLE ZBX 6: Add monitored hosts

Add a host to be monitored. This time, the following servers will be added as targets.

Server OS : Miracle Linux 8.4
Server IP Address:
host name : Lion

7.1 Configuration of monitored servers
MIRACLE ZBX Agent 2 must be installed on the monitored server in the same manner as above, and the ports must be allowed by firewall.

Register dnf repository for MIRACLE ZBX 6.0.

Firewall Settings
MIRACLE ZBX Agent 2 : 10050/tcp port allowed

Install MIRACLE ZBX Agent 2

Edit configuration file /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agent2.conf

Start service zabbix-agent2.

7.2 Setting up MIRACLE ZBX
Log in to the MIRACLE ZBX management site, select [Configuration] - [Hosts] in the left pane, and click the [Create Host] button at the top of the right pane.

[Hostname]  : Host name of the server to be monitored
[Visible name]  : Any name you wish to have displayed on the admin site
Under [Interfaces], click [Add] and select [Agent]

[Agent] : IP address of the server to be monitored
[DNS name] : IP address of DNS server

Click the [Select] button to the right of [Templates]

Click the [Select] button

[Templates/Operating systems] select

[Linux by Zabbix agent active] select

[Linux servers] select

After entering the required configuration items, click the [Add] button.

Monitored hosts have been added

After a few moments, the data for the added target host will be displayed

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