Slackware15.0 ; Installing packages

Installing packages

Select installation media and other installation source information
This time, select the default CD or DVD.

Select whether the CD/DVD drive should be detected automatically or recognized manually
Select auto and press Enter

Select Package Series
By default, all the checkboxes are checked. Enter as is

※Reference : Slackware manages packages in the following 16 categories (package series)

A Basic Linux system (at least this package is required)
AP A group of applications that do not require X
D Program development (C, C++, Lisp, Perl and other programming languages, tools required for development, etc.)
E GNU Emacs (Emacs lovers will get angry if I just use the word editor. Call it an integrated environment?)
F FAQ, HOWTO documents
K Linux kernel source
KDE KDE Environment
L A set of system libraries (libraries required by KDE, GNOME, X, and others. GNOME needs to be installed separately
by yourself.)
N Network-related (TCP/IP, UUCP, Mail, News-related software, etc.)
T typesetting software TeX
TCL GUI creation script language Tcl/Tk
X X Window System
XFCE Xfce Desktop Environment
XAP Applications running on X
Y game

Slackware now recommends that all packages be installed.
Default is to go straight to Enter at terse and proceed

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