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Ubuntu Server 20.04 : MySQL 8 , WordPress

1. Install MySQL 8

1. Install

2. MySQL server security settings

Run the tool mysql_secure_installtion to configure security-related settings for your MySQL server.
When you run it, you will be asked a series of questions to help you configure your security settings.
You will first be asked if you want to use a password validation plugin, as shown below.
Password validation means that you can check the password strength of users for MySQL and restrict them to accepting only passwords that are secure enough.
For example, it should be at least a few characters long and always contain at least one symbol and one number.
Type y if you like and press Enter

Installation status

At the end you will see your settings and the message All done!

From now on, to access MySQL, use the following commands

2.Install WordPress

2.1 Create database

Create a database for Word Press(As an example, we will use the database name my_db)

2.2 Download and install WordPress

①Download and extract

②Editing the WordPress configuration file

Contents of wp-config.php

③Moving files

④Make the wordpress directory owned by apache

⑤Access via browser

Go to http://<FQDN>/
If you succeed, the following WordPress installation information input screen will be displayed.

Your server's PHP does not seem to be able to use the MySQL extension required by WordPress." If you get the message

If you have php and mysql installed on your Ubuntu server, but when you install WordPress you get the message "Your server's PHP does not seem to be able to use the MySQL extension required by WordPress." Please check the following.
Make sure you have the library installed、
Install the php library if you haven't already done so.

Installing the MYSQL module
WordPress requires the MYSQL module in PHP.
Install the PHP MYSQL module if you haven't already done so.

After the installation is complete, restart Apache.

Go to http://<FQDN>/ in your browser with your browser again

On the input screen below

  • Site Title   Any name
  • Username     Any name
  • Password  Any Password
  • Your Email  Admin E-mail Address

Click on "Install WordPress".
Make sure you remember your username and password as they are required to access the wordpress admin panel.

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