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Ubuntu Server 22.04 : NTP , FTP Server(Vsftpd)

1. Install a time synchronization service NTP server

2. Install FTP server vsftpd


②Allow PORT 21 at UFW

③Configuration File Changes


⑤Restart vsftpd

⑥Check with FTP client
In this case, FileZilla will be used.

Start FileZilla and change FileZilla settings first, menu "Edit" "Settings
"Connection" and "SFTP" in the left pane
Click "Add key File" in the right pane
Open "id_rsa.ppk" saved in Windows
Click "OK
In the "Password" field, enter the password you set when you created your SSH public key.
Return to the initial screen and select "Site Manager" from the "File" menu.

Click on "New site"
Protocol : SFTP-SSH File Transfer Protocol
Host : Server IP Address
Port : SSH port number
Logon Type : Ask for password
User : Logged-in user name
Click "Connect"

Password : Password for logged-in user

If the Windows directory appears on the left and the Ubuntu directory on the right, the connection is successful.

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