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ArchLinux ; WEB Server(Apache2)

1. Apache2 installation and virtual host configuration

1.1 Apache2 Installation

Install httpd

1.2 Apache Configuration

①Edit httpd.conf file

②If firewall is enabled, HTTP service must be allowed; HTTP uses [80/TCP].

③Apache Autostart Configuration

④operation check
Create a new index.html file as a Test Page and check apache operation

If you access http://[server IP] and the Test Page is displayed as shown below, it is OK.

1.3 Virtual Host Settings

Assign and configure the domain name [FQDN] to be operated on the virtual host in the document root [/srv/[FQDN]] directory

Virtual Host Configuration File Creation

Setting permissions for document directories

Include the following virtual host configuration file at the end of httpd.conf

Restart Apache

2. Confirmation of CGI Script Usage

①CGI availability check

➁Edit /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file

➂Create test scripts and check operation

3. PHP installation and configuration

3.1 PHP8 installation


②Version Check

Configuration of PHP main unit

Configure php-fpm

➂Edit Apache configuration file and set up to use PHP

③Restart Apache
After PHP installation, restarting Apache will invoke PHP-FPM (FPM : FastCGI Process Manager) by default, and php-fpm service will be started in conjunction with httpd startup.

Confirmation of PHP operation
Create the following file

Access "http://[FQDN]/test.php" in your browser and if you see the following screen, it is OK

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