Slackware15.0 ; Mail Server Install

Postfix Installation

①Edit postfix configuration file

To prevent unauthorized mail relay, configure Postfix to require authentication for outgoing mail as well, using Dovecot's SASL function.

➁Start Postfix

Release SMTP port (port 25)

Dovecot Installation

①Edit dovecot.conf file

➁Edit 10-auth.conf file

 ➂Edit 10-mail.conf file

Edit 10-master.conf file

Edit 10-ssl.conf file

Start dovecot

⑦Open ports for POP/IMAP services.
POP is [110/TCP], IMAP is [143/TCP].

Create mail user and check operation

①advance preparation

Pretreatment for new users
When a new user is added, set up the system to automatically send and receive e-mail.

Mail environment pre-processing for existing users
Configure the already created users to be able to send and receive e-mail.

➁operation check

Set up and confirm your account in Mozilla Thunderbird (for OS user huong as mail user)
①Start Thunderbird
Your full name : Any name
Email addtess :
Password : Password for huong
Click on "Configure manually"

➁Set "INCOMMING SERVER" and "OUTGOING SERVER" as shown below and click "Re-test".

➂The following settings were found by probinfg the given server

After clicking "Done," the following "Warning" appears, but there is no problem, so click "Confirm."

④Click "Finish" when "Account syccessfuly created" is displayed.

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