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Debian10.13 ; OS Install

1.Debian10.13 Download Installation Image

Download site for Debian 10.13

Go to the above site and download "debian-10.13.0-amd64-netinst.iso" which is convenient for setup in an environment connected to the Internet.

Burn the iso image saved above as a boot disk to CD or USB using your favorite writing software

2.Debian10.13 Install

Change the BIOS so that the PC can boot from the installation disk created above.

2.1 Installation screen
Select "Graphical install"

2.2 Select installation language
Select the default "English" and click "Continue".

2.3 Select region and time zone setting "other"

Select [Asia]

Select [Japan]

2.4 Select the language setting "United States"

2.5 Select the keyboard map setting "Japanese"

2.6 Host Name Settings

2.7 Domain Name Settings

2.8 Setting Root User Password

2.9 Create a general user and set a password

General user name (optional)

General User Account Name Creation

General User Password Settings

2.10 Disk Partitioning

Select "Guided-use entire disk" at the top

The disks that are available for installation are displayed. For a single disk, the displayed disk is automatically selected.

Select how you want to partition the selected disk. In this case, select "All files on one partition (recommended for novice users)".For a single partition, it consists of only the "/(root)" partition.

Writes to the partition

Final confirmation of writing to the partition

2.11 Base System Installation

2.12 Confirm CD/DVD to be managed by Package Manager

Select "No" here because NETINST is the minimum configuration and additions are downloaded from the Internet.

2.13 Archive Mirror Selection

Select the closest location for downloading software from the network. Select "Japan" for the system to be located in "Japan".

Select the best location from the Debian archive mirrors located in Japan. Select "" at the top of the screen.

2.14 Proxy Settings

Click "Continue" without making any settings since it will not be used this time.

2.15 popularity-contest

popularity-contest is a system to provide anonymous statistics of packages used to debian developers. This feature is intended to be used as a reference for designing packages for future debian distributions. Please feel free to set "no" or "yes".

2.16 Software Selection

This time we will not install a desktop environment, so we will select the following two options

"SSH Server" "Standard system utilities"

Software installation will begin.

2.17 Install boot loader

Select the bootloader installation location. Usually, the installation directory is displayed, so you do not need to select it manually. In this case, select "/dev/sda" as shown here

2.18 Installation Complete

Click "Continue" when installation is complete.

System reboot is initiated.

Remove the installation media and reboot after confirming the BIOS to boot from the installed disk (HD, SSD), and a login prompt will appear. This completes the system startup.

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