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MiracleLinux8.4 ; Mysql , WordPress

Install  Mysql8

Create a new "charset.cnf" with the following contents

Once completed, set the password for the root user using the "mysql_secure_installation" command

Install WordPress

1. Create a database for WordPress.

For example, database[wp_db] database user[wp_user] password[?W123456]

2 Web server configuration for WordPress

① Edit Apache configuration file

3.Install WordPress

4.Edit the WordPress configuration file

5.Moving files

①Move the expanded contents under /var/www/html/[FQDN for wordpress].

After confirming that the files have been moved, delete the wordpress directory and the downloaded latest-ja.tar.gz.

Make apache the owner of the wordpress directory.

6.Start the wordpress installation.

Access http://[FQDN for wordpress]/wp-admin/install.php with a browser, enter your user name, password, and other necessary information, and start the installation.

Your server's PHP does not seem to be able to use the MySQL extensions required for WordPress." If you see this, install the following and restart apache and mysql

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