Slackware15.0 ; WEB server (Apache) , PHP , MariaDB installation

WEB server (Apache)

Apache Installation

①system update

➁httpd installation

➂Apache version check

④Enabling and Starting Apache

⑤Open ports for web server use

Connect to "http://server IP/" with any browser, and if it looks like the following, it's OK

Editing the Apache Configuration File

①The configuration file is /etc/httpd/httpd.conf 
Edit this file

➁Restart Apache

Confirmation of CGI Script Usage

①Confirmation of CGI availability

The above is displayed and available under "/srv/httpd/cgi-bin/".

➁Edit httpd.conf

➂Create test scripts and check operation

PHP Installation


OK click

➁Editing httpd.conf

➂Edit /etc/httpd/mod_php.conf

④Edit /etc/php.ini file

⑤Restart Apache

⑥Create the following file to confirm PHP startup

If you access http://server IP/info.php with any browser and see the following screen, PHP is working properly.

Virtual Host Settings

Assign and configure the domain name [] to the document root [/srv/httpd/htdocs/] directory for the virtual host to operate under
Create a new slack-vhosts.conf

Edit httpd.conf file

Create document root directory

Restart Apache

MariaDB Install


➁Activate and start MariaDB

➂Check the version of MarisDB

④Set root user password

⑤Confirmation of MariaDB startup

Security of MariaDB installation
Change the password for the root user of the MariaDB server.

To start MariaDB from then on

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