Ubuntu24.04 ; Zabbix7 Install

Installation of open source integrated monitoring software "Zabbix7".

Zabbix is an open source integrated monitoring software for centralized monitoring of servers, networks and applications. It provides monitoring, fault detection and notification functions required for integrated monitoring. With Zabbix agent and SNMP support for many platforms, you can monitor your entire system with a single Zabbix.

To run Zabbix, you will need the PHP programming language, MySQL/MariaDB as a database server, and a web server such as Apache or Nginx.
In this case, we will assume that all of the following conditions have already been configured.

This time we will install Zabbix 7.0 LTS released on 06/04/2024 in the following environment.
PHP 8.3.6

zabbix7-server , zabbix7-agent , zabbix7-frontend Install

Install Repository
Setup Zabbix 7 repository and install Zabbix Server.
Install Zabbix Agent for the monitored hosts so that Zabbix Server itself can be monitored at the same time.

Create database and user for Zabbix

Create database schema for Zabbix server.
Login to MariaDB server as root account and create MariaDB database (e.g. my_zabbix_db), user (e.g. zabbix_user) and password (e.g.?WWabcd123)

Load Zabbix default schema for database

Update Zabbix configuration

Edit Zabbix server configuration file /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf and update database configuration for Zabbix server to connect to database

Monitor Zabbix server itself

Restart Zabbix Server and Agent Deamon so that they are ready to run at system startup.

 PHP Configuration

Configuration Reflection

Running Zabbix Web Installer

Zabbix Web Installer can be accessed via "your-server-ip/zabbix" or "domain/zabbix".
Open a web browser and enter "http: //[your-server-IP_Address]/zabbix".
You will get the following screen. [ Next step].

After confirming that all requirements are OK, click [Next step]

Enter the information you have set in the "Database name", "User", and "Password" fields, and click [Next step ].

Enter any name for "Zabbix server names" and select Asia/Tokyo for time zone.
Make sure that you are in your own timezone and click [ Next step ].

Reconfirm settings If information is correct, click [Next step]

When the installation is successfully completed, the following page will appear. Click [Finish]

You will be redirected to Zabbix login page

Log in using the following default credentials

After successful login you will see the following screen (Zabbix Dashboard).

Various settings of Zabbix

Change Admin Password

For security purposes, change the default administrator password
Once the above dashboard is displayed, continue

①Select [Users] - [Users] in the left pane and click [Admin] in the right pane

②Click [Change paddword]

③Current password : Enter default password zabbix
Enter the password you wish to change and click Update.

You will be redirected to the login authentication screen again, so login with the password you created.

Email notification settings

Set up notifications so that you can receive various information, etc. by e-mail.
It is assumed that an SMTP server such as postfix is installed on the server.

①Select [Alerts] - [Media Types] in the left pane and click [Email] in the right pane

➁Configure the mail server settings as shown below, check the [Enabled] checkbox, and click the [Update] button.

➂[Email] becomes [Enabled]

④Select [Users] - [Users] in the left pane and click [Admin] in the right pane

⑤Go to the "Media" tab and click [Add]

⑥Select "Email" for "Type," enter the administrator's email address in the "Send to" field, and click [Add]

⑦Click the [Update]button.

⑧In the left pane, select [Alerts] - [Actions] - [Trigger actions]

⑨In the right pane, click on [Report problems to Zabbix administrators]

⑩Check [Enabled] and click [Update] button.
Various failure notifications are then sent to the email address you set.

Add monitored hosts

Added the following servers as targets
OS : Ubuntu24.04
IP address :
Host name : Lion

1.Configuration on the server you want to monitor

1.1 Install Zabbix Agent on the server you want to monitor

1.2.Edit zabbix-agent configuration file

1.3 Configure firewall on Zabbix-agent side

Zabbix ports 10050 (on Zabbix server side) and 10051 (on zabbix agent side) must be allowed.

2. Configuration in Zabbix WEB UI

2.1 Log in to the Zabbix administration site, select [Datacollection] - [Hosts] in the left pane and click the [Create Host] button at the top of the right pane.

2.2 Enter a hostname in the [Hostname] field (in this case, Lion).
For [Templates], click on the [Select] button and select [Linux by Zabbix agent] from the list of monitoring templates if you want to monitor common items such as CPU on Linux OS.

2.3 Select [Linux servers] for [Host groups]

2.4 In [Interfaces], click [Add] under Interfaces, enter the IP address to be monitored, and then click [Add] at the bottom.

 2.5 New monitored servers are registered.

After a while, the data of the added target hosts will be displayed.

Add items to be monitored

This time we will add Apache httpd service on Zabbix server to be monitored

1. Enable server-status in Apache httpd on monitored Zabbix server

2.Log in to Zabbix administration site, in the left pane click on [Data collection] - [Hosts], in the right pane click on the host you want to add monitoring items for (in this case Zabbix server)

3. Click the [Select] button in the [Templates] section

4. Click the [Select] button.

5.Click on [Templates/Applications]

6. Select [Apache by HTTP], then [Select]

7.Click [Update] button to update settings

8.Click the [Apache by HTTP] link.

9. Open the [Macros] tab, enter [] in {$APACHE.STATUS.HOST} and [Update]

After a while, data will be displayed as shown in the figure below.

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