Slackware15.0 ; WordPress Download and Installation

Database for WordPress

Create user, password and database for wordpress
database :  wp_db
user : wp_user
password : ?Wabcd123

WordPress Install

WordPress Download and Installation

Editing Configuration Files

Move the expanded contents under /srv/httpd/htdocs/[web public directory] (in this case /srv/httpd/htdocs/

Make apache the owner of the wordpress directory.
If you don't do this, you will be told that the directory cannot be created when installing plugins, etc.

 Startup Confirmation

Connect to http:///wp-admin/install.php in a browser and proceed to the language selection screen with the default English.

Enter user name, password, and other necessary information to start installation.
Site Title : Any title
Username : Any user name
Password : Any password
Your Email : Administrator's email address
Click "Install WordPress"

After successful installation, click "Log In"

Enter the [Username] and [Password] set above, and click [Log In]

After successful login, you will see the WordPress dashboard as shown below

Copied title and URL