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MiracleLinux8.4 ; Anti-virus, mail server

Install clamav (anti-virus software)

1.Install Clam AntiVirus

2.Virus definition file update setting

3.Update virus definition files

4.Edit Clam AntiVirus configuration file

5.Start Clam AntiVirus

6.Download a test virus and perform a virus scan.

7.Deployment of automatic virus scan execution scripts
Create in /var/www/system with the following contents
8.Virus scan exclusion directory setting

Exclude the sys and proc directories.

9.Run regular virus scans

Mail Server Install

1. Install Postfix

1.Install the required software.

Check if Postfix is installed.
2.Register Postfix to the service.
3.Backup postfix configuration files, and files
4.Preprocessing for new users
Set up automatic sending and receiving of e-mails when a new user is added.
5.Pretreatment for existing users
6.Editing the SMTP Authentication Configuration File
7.Registering and starting the saslauthd service
8.Create a Postfix user (e.g. puser)
Setting the SMTP-AUTH Password
Confirm the registered user and change the group permissions in the file /etc/sasldb2 to
Change the group permissions in the file /etc/sasldb2 to the postfix group so that postfix can read it.
Change to the postfix group so that postfix can read it.
9.Postfix 設定ファイル編集
Configure the submission port (port 587)
10.Start Postfix.

2.Install Dovecot

1.Edit the dovecot.conf file
2.Edit the 10-auth.conf file
3.Edit the 10-mail.conf file
4.Edit the 10-master.conf file
5.Edit the 10-ssl.conf file
6.Register dovecot as a service and start it.
7.Open ports with firewalld

Mail Server : Postfix + Clamav + Amavisd+SpamAssassin

1.Real-time scanning of emails

①Install Amavisd and Clamav Server
➁Edit configuration file
➂Configure and start Amavisd
④Postfix Configuration

2.Email spam protection

 ①Install SpamAssassin to prevent spam.
②Configuring SpamAssassin
③SpamAssassin Configuration File Update Script
Grant execute permission to the spamassassin-update script and run it.
Confirm that the SpamAssassin configuration file has been created in the /etc/mail/spamassassin directory as of the current date.
Set up cron to run automatically every day.
④Incorporating SpamAssassin into Postfix
⑤Restart postfix. 
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