OpenSUSE15.6 ; MariaDB , WordPress Install

1. MariaDB Install

Update the server package

1.1 MariaDB Install



Check  installed

Start and enable MariaDB service

Ensure services are started upon reboot

Check the status of the service and make sure it is actually running

Active: active (running) Indicates that the service is running

Security of MariaDB installation

Change the password for the root user of the MariaDB server.

Check the version of MariaDB

Firewalld is enabled and the service is allowed to use MariaDB remotely.

1.2 phpMyAdmin Install

Installed phpMyAdmin and configured it to operate MariaDB via web browser

②Access http://<IP address>/phpMyAdmin in your browser
The following login screen will appear
Username : root
Password:  Password for the root user set in the MariaDB security installation
Go click

The following phpMyAdmin settings screen appears

1.3 MariaDB Example of database and user creation

I'll create a user, password, and database for wordpress to install next.
database :  wp_db
user : wp_user
password : ?WHxx333Yo

2. WordPress Install

2.1 Required library installation

2.2 WordPress Download and Installation

2.3 Editing Configuration Files

Move the expanded contents under /srv/www/htdocs/

After confirming that the files have been moved, delete the wordpress directory and the downloaded latest.tar.gz

Make apache the owner of the wordpress directory.

2.4 Startup Confirmation

Connect to http://<FQDN>/wp-admin/install.php with your browser, enter your username, password, and other necessary information to start the installation
Access the WordPress administration screen in the figure below, and you will see the initial settings installation screen including "User Name" and "Password".
Site Title : Any title
Username : Any user name
Password : Any password
Your Email : Administrator's email address
Click "Install WordPress"

Click on "Login"

User Name : The user name you have just set
Password : User's password you have just set
and click "Login".

After successfully logging in, you will be able to access the following WordPress admin page

Copied title and URL