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MiracleLinux8.4; Web Server Installation, Virtual Host

Installa apache2 and virtual host configuration

1.Install apache2

①Download httpd-2.4.39

➁Extracting the Apache tar file

➂Download and extract apr and apr-util

④Install expat-devel

⑤Create an expat symbolic link
Create a symbolic link to the installed library under "/usr/local".

※ /usr/local/bin

※ /usr/local/include

※ /usr/local/lib

⑥Install PCRE

⑦Create a symbolic link
Create a symbolic link to the installed library under "/usr/local".

※ /usr/local/bin

※ /usr/local/include

※ /usr/local/lib

Run configure, compile, and install

2.Configure Apache

①Edit the httpd.conf file

②Edit the httpd-default.conf file

③Create the necessary directories.

④Directory owner and permissions to display the web site.

⑤Auto-start configuration for Apache

Contents of httpd.service

⑥Apache Autostart Configuration and Startup

⑦Checking the operation of Apache
Open ports with firewalld
In your browser, go to http://<domain>.
If you see "Index of /", it's OK.

Installation and configuration of PHP ( PHP-7.3.6 )

1.advance preparation

Install the software needed to install PHP

2.Install PHP

②Editing Apache configuration files
③Edit the PHP configuration file
④ Generating the file
⑤Checking the operation of PHP
Create the following file
Restart Apache
When you access http://<FQDN>/test.php with a browser, you should see a screen like the following
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