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Ubuntu Server 18.04 ; Obtaining and Installing an Image

Download the installation image

The installation media for Ubuntu Server can be downloaded from the official website on the Internet.You will need to create an installation CD/DVD from the downloaded iso file.
The download location for the iso file is
Ubuntu official download site



Change the BIOS so that the PC can boot from the installation disk created above, and then boot the PC.

1.Installation screen

①Select your language and press [ENTER] key, there doesn't seem to be any Japanese, so we will proceed in English.

②Selecting a Keyboard
Move the cursor to Layout and press the [ENTER] key.
To move the cursor, use the [Up/Down Arrow] keys or the [Tab] key.

③Select [Japanese] for the keyboard layout and press the [ENTER] key.

④When the keyboard layout is selected, press [Done].

⑤Select [Install Ubuntu].

⑥Network Settings
Select the NIC you are connected to and press [ENTER].

⑦Use a static IP address
Select [Use a static IPv4 Configuretion] and press the [ENTER] key.

⑧Enter the network settings as shown below and select [Save].
Subnet  :
Adddress :
Gateway  : (Usually the address of the router)
Name Servers  : (Usually the address of the router)

⑨Make sure that the IP address is correctly assigned and select Done.

⑩If your environment uses a proxy, enter the proxy server information.
If you do not want to use a proxy server, leave it blank and select [Done].

⑪Set the disk configuration for the installation destination. This time, set it to automatic.
Select [Use An Entire Disk] for automatic configuration, or [Manual] for manual configuration.

⑫Select [Done] on the confirmation screen.

⑬Select Continue to confirm formatting.

⑭Enter [User Name], [Host Name], [Password], etc. and select [Done].
SSH item is a choice for importing SSH Key (NO if not specified)

⑮The installation status will be displayed.

⑯When the installation is complete, select [Reboot NOW].

⑰Ubuntu will start and the console will be displayed. If you can login, the installation is successful.