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OpenSUSE15.3 ; Clamav ( anti-virus software) ,  Mail Server

1. Install clamav (anti-virus software)

1.1 Install Clamav

1.2 Virus definition file update

①Virus definition file update setting

②Virus definition file update

1.3 動作確認

①Scan the entire system
■If the virus is not detected

■When a virus is detected
Download and scan a test virus.

1.4 Deployment of automatic virus scan execution scripts

①Create a script storage directory

②Create auto-run scripts

Create in /srv/www/system with the following contents

Give the script execute permission.

Exclude sys and proc directories since they cannot be scanned.

Set up a regular virus scan.

Run "/srv/www/system/" to scan the entire system.

2. Mail Server Install

2.1 Pretreatment

①Preprocessing for new users
Set up the system to automatically send and receive e-mails when a new user is added.

②Pre-processing of email environment for existing users
Configure the settings so that the users you have already created can send and receive mail.

2.2 Install Postfix

①Install Postfix and build an SMTP server.

②Postfix Settings
To prevent unauthorized mail relay, use the SASL function of Dovecot (described later), and configure Postfix to require authentication for outgoing mail as well.

③If you have Firewalld enabled, you will need to allow SMTP service, which uses 25/TCP.

2.3 Install Dovecot


②Dovecot configuration

Configure Dovecot to provide SASL functionality to Postfix.

③Dovecot startup and auto-run

④If Firewalld is enabled, permission for POP/IMAP service is required
Use 110/TCP for POP, 143/TCP for IMAP

2.4 Operation check

Set up an account in Thunderbird, a free email client, and check it works.
However, depending on your provider, port 587 may be used for the outgoing server.
Free up port 587 in your firewall settings.

Start Thunderbird and select "Account Settings" from the "Tools" menu.  ↓

Select "Add Mail Account" from "Account Actions".  ↓

Fill in the fields as follows, and click "Configure manual".  ↓
Your full name  : Any name
Email address :<mail user>@<domain name>>
Password   : Password for mail users

Configure as shown in the figure below, but if your provider does not allow port 25 for outgoing servers, use "587". Click "Done".  ↓

A warning screen will appear, check the box as shown below, and click "Confirm".

If the next screen appears, you have succeeded.

3. Mail Sever : Postfix + Clamav + Amavisd

Configure Postfix and Clamav to work together to scan incoming and outgoing mails in real time

3.1 Amavisd & Clamav Server Install

3.2 Configure Amavisd

①Edit configuration file

②Startup and autorun settings

3.3 Postfix Configuration

4.virus scanning script substitution

Set the system to notify the specified e-mail address after the virus check scan.
① Create a virus scan exclusion directory list
②Disable the existing script and create a new virus scanning script.
Contents of the new "
If there is a virus, you will be notified by e-mail. If there is no virus, you will not receive any notification.
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