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OpenSUSE15.3 ; Install Mysql & WordPress

1. Install Mysql8

First, make sure the server is up to date.

Update the server package

1.1 Mysql8 install

①Importing the MySQL 8.0 repository
Download the RPM repository

Import the downloaded repository

Importing GPG keys

Update the repository

②Check the information on the listed packages.
Make sure you have the required version of mysql.

③Install mysql server.

④Make sure it is installed.

Make the service start on reboot.

Check the status of the service and make sure it is actually running.

Active: active (running) Indicates that the service is running

⑥View MySQL 8 service logs

Use the journalctl command
⑦Security of mysql installation
Change the password for the root user of the Mysql server.
Check the 'temporary password' after installation and make a note of it.
Log in with a temporary password (8LvNl4sjV9=1), change the root password as soon as possible, and set a custom password for the superuser account.
⑧Check mysql version
Log in as the root user with the newly specified root password.

1.2 Example of creating  Mysql8 database and user

Try to create a user, password, and database for wordpress to install in the following
database :  wp_db
user : wp_user
password : ?WHxx333Yo

2. Install WordPress

2.1 Install required libraries

2.2 Download and install WordPress

2.3 Edit the configuration file

Move the extracted contents under /srv/www/htdocs/[web directory]
After confirming that the files have been moved, delete the wordpress directory and the downloaded latest-ja.tar.gz.
Make apache the owner of the wordpress directory.

2.4 startup confirmation

Connect to http://<server name>/wp-admin/install.php with a browser, enter your user name, password and other necessary information, and start the installation.
Normally, this will bring up the initial installation screen, including the "User Name" and "Password" to access the WordPress administration screen as shown below.
Site Title : Any title
Username : Any Name
Password : Any password
Your Email : Administrator's email address
Click "Install WordPress.

If the database name, user name, and password settings in wp-config.php are correct and you get a "Database Connection Error" message, change the settings in wp-config.php to
define( 'WP_DEBUG', true ); change it to true and check the part of the message that is displayed.
In most cases, this is due to a misconfiguration, but in some cases you may need to change the following
In wp-config.php, on line 38, where the hostname is setdefine( 'DB_HOST', 'localhost');
First, find out where mysql.sock is installed.
In this case, the file is installed in /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock, so change it as followsdefine( 'DB_HOST', 'localhost:/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock');
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