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RockyLinux 9.1 ; SSH connection with public key

SSH connection with authentication using public key cryptography

Creation of public and private key pairs

Create a public/private key pair for a user connecting to the Linux server using OpenSSH.
Use ssh-keygen to create key pairs.
Creation of public/private key pairs is performed with remote login user privileges。
If you do not specify the destination and file name, id_ed25519 and will be created in /home/(user name)/.ssh/. On the way, enter the password for the key.

Save the created private key id_ed25519 to an appropriate location on windows using winSCP.
Start Winscp

Host name  : Server IP Address
Port number : SSH port number
User name : Server Login User
Password : Password for the same user
Click "Save"
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Site name : Any name
Click "OK"
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After confirming the server, click "Login".
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Click "Update" when the following screen appears
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Password of the logged-in user in the Password field
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When connected, the right column is the server side and the left column is the PC (Windows) side.
Save the file "id_ed25519" in the .ssh directory to an appropriate location on Windows in the left column.
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Editing SSH Configuration File

Edit the SSH configuration file to disable password authentication.
This time, instead of being an ordinary user, su - to become root.

How to connect with Tera Term

Start Tera Term, and select "File" menu "New connection"
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Host : Server IP Address
TCP port : SSH port number

If you get the following security warning  Check "Replace...." and click "Continue".
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User name : Login User Name
Password : Password specified in the creation of a public/private key pair
Under "Use RSA/DSA/ECDSA/ED25519 key to log in", set "Private key file:" to "id_ed25519" that you just saved in Windows. and click "OK".
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Creating a private key using PuTTYgen

Start Winscp and launch [Run Puttygen] from [Tools].
Select the appropriate server
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Click Load
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The [ Open File Dialog ] will open, change the file type to [ All Files (*. Change the file type to [ All Files (*. *) ] and load the private key id_ed25519 that was transferred from the Linux server.
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The password is the password set in "Creating a public and private key pair" above
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Click on "Save private key"
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Save the file with the extension ".pppk" in the same place as "id_ed25519" saved earlier on the Windows side under the name "id_ed25519.pppk".
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Select the appropriate server and click "Edit"
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Click on "Advanced"
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Open the "Authentication" menu and specify "id_ed25519.ppk" saved in Windows for "Private key file
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Click "Save"
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Click on "Login"
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The password is the password set in "Creating a public and private key pair" above
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When connecting with Tera Term, use the following
Use RSA/DSA/ECDSA/..." Specify "id_ed25519.ppk" saved in windows in the "Use RSA/DSA/ECDSA/..." field.
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