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OpenSUSE15.3 ; Initialization

1. Disable SELinux

SELinux is a feature that provides a highly secure system architecture that prevents the concentration of privileges on root.
In openSUSE, it is disabled at the time of installation.
To check

2. Use su command

Not required if you set the root password at the time of installation.
If you don't want to set the root password, set it as follows
After logging in as a general user

3. Modernize the system

To bring the system up to date, enter the following command。

4. Install locate

In many cases, the find command is used to search for a specific file on the entire Linux system.
The find option is somewhat confusing.
The locate command is capable of extracting all files with the specified file name


Create a database
Example of executing the locate command

5. Services stopped for security measures.

Stopped and restarted services that were deemed unnecessary.

6. Network Settings

6.1 Host name setting

Change the hostname to Lepard to test it.

6.2 Fixed IP address setting

First, find out the name of your network interface with the following command
This time it is "eth0".

Change the IP address of your server to "".
In most cases, the router address is something like "" or "
We will use "" as an example.

6. IPv6 disablement

# Reflect changes
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