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OpenSUSE15.3 ; Server Backup and Restore

1. Server Backup

1.1 Backup under /srv/www/

①Create a backup script file

Contents of
➁Create a storage directory
➂Run a backup
④Add configuration to cron and backup periodically

1.2. MySQL database backup

①Create a backup script file

Contents of
Create a storage directory
③Backup execution
④Set up cron to backup periodically.

2.Restoring Data

2.1 Restore the backup files under /srv/www/

① Save the backup file used for the restore to the server's "/ (root)" directory.
② Extract the file

2.2 Restore MySQL data

① Save the database backup file to a directory of your choice.、
(In the example, the directory is "/srv/www/backup/db_bak".)Unzip the data
② Restore the MySQL database
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