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Debian10.13 ; NTP ,FTP Server

1. Install an NTP server that provides time synchronization services

Setting Reflection
operation check

2. FTP Server Deployment

2.1 Install vsftpd

2.2 Edit Vsftpd configuration file

Next, create a new vsftpd.chroot_list under etc.
Add your Debian username (e.g. huong) to this file.
Finally, enable vsftpd and restart

2.3 Check FTP connection

Check with FTP client
Start FileZilla and select "Site Manager" from the "File" menu".

Click on "New site"
Enter the following settings for each item and click "Connect"
Protocol : FTP-File Transfer Protocol
Host : Server IP Address
Port : (May be left blank.)
Logon Type : Ask for password
User  : General user name (server login user)
Password : General user (server login user) password
If the connection is successful, the server directory is displayed on the right and the Windows directory on the left.
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