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FreeBSD13.2 ; Web Server SSL、Webmin

1.Web server (Apache) SSL conversion

The ports can be further updated with FreeBSD's periodic job settings.
Install certbot via pkg, and include a plugin for apache to update in webroot mode.

1.1 Installing the Certbot tool for Let's Encrypt

Run the following command to install the Certbot package and the Apache HTTP plug-in

1.2 Apache Configuration File Editing

①Enable mod_ssl module
https port added

1.3 Enable Rewrite module

Necessary to change URL when redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS

Apache24 restart

1.4 Obtaining a Let's Encrypt Certificate

①The apache plugin reconfigures Apache HTTP. To obtain a certificate that covers only a single domain [FQDN], run the following certbot command

Certbot has made several important configuration changes, which can be seen by reading the contents of the bsd-vhost.conf file, which shows the changes made by the Certbot program.
Redirection rules are placed at the bottom.

Certbot also automatically creates a file called bsd-vhost-le-ssl.conf and places the certificate settings on Apache there

➁Automatic Renewal of Certificates
Edit crontab and create a new job to run updates twice a day

2. Webmin Install

Webmin is a web browser-based tool for configuring Unix-like operating systems (OS) such as Linux. It allows users to make numerous changes to internal OS settings such as user and disk usage limits, services, configuration files, etc., and to modify and control many open source applications such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, and others.

Webmin is built primarily in Perl and runs as its own process and web server. By default, it communicates on TCP port 10000.

2.1 Install

No options

2.2 setup

Logged-in user ; admin
Password ; Any(hyu6kon)
Others default to Enter

Initial setup.

2.3 Edit /etc/rc.conf

Webmin logs are

2.4 Start

The startup script is /usr/local/etc/rc.d/webmin

2.5 Login

Open port 10000 on the Firewall in advance.
Router needs to be changed if connecting from outside

With a browser
Access https://<server domain> or <IP address>:10000/ to display the login screen.
Log in with the user and password you have set.

Webmin main screen

Click [Webmin] - [Change Language and Theme] in the left menu, and change to Japanese from [Personal choice] in the right pane.

The menu has been changed to Japanese.

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