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Ubuntu Server 18.04 ; FTP Serve , NTP Server

1.Install the FTP server vsftpd

① Install

② Allow PORT21 to be used by FTP in UFW(firewall)

③ Edit the configuration file (vsftpd.conf)

④ Create an authorized user list file

⑤ Enable vsftpd

⑥ Configuring the FTP client

Open FFFTP and select Connect from the menu bar.

A window called "Host List" will open. Select a new host.

A window called "Host Settings" will open. Special clic and Enter the following and press OK.

  1. Profile Names(Any name)
  2. Host Names/Address(IP address of Ubuntu)
  3. Usename(hoge)<General User Name>
  4. Password/Phrase<General user password>

You are now back at the Host List window. Please press Connect.

A window called "Save Encryption Status" will open. Select Yes.

If you can see the Windows directory on the left and the Ubuntu directory on the right, the connection is successful.
If you can't get through, turn Passive mode on and off.

2.Install NTP server and adjust time

2.1 time adjustment

① Enable timedatectl
Use the set-ntp option to enable or disable it.

② Check current system time

③"/usr/lib/systemd/systemd-timesyncd" daemon process status check

Change time zone

Asia/Tokyo  Specifying the time zone
View available zones

Specifying the time zone、The /etc/localtime link will change.
Check your time zone

2.2 NTP server: Configure NTPd

① NTP server installation

② Edit configuration file

# restart
# operation check
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