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Fedora37 ; Mysql8 , WordPress Install

Mysql8 Install


➁MySQL Server start

➂Check mysql version

④Connect to the MySQL server and change the root user password

⑤Set basic policies
Use the "mysql_secure_installation" command to set the root user password and set some basic policies

From now on, use the following command to connect to mysql

WordPress Install

1. Create database for Word Press

As an example, assume database [wp_db] database user [wp_user] password [?W123456]

2.Wordpress install

3.Edit WordPress configuration file

4.Moving Files

①Move the expanded contents under /var/www/html/[domain name for wordpress]

After confirming that the files have been moved, delete the wordpress directory and downloaded latest.tar.gz

Make apache the owner of the wordpress directory.

5.Starting wordpress installation

You can use your browser to go to http://[FQDN]/wp-admin/install.php
If successful, the following WordPress installation information input screen will be output.

You will get either "You cannot access this site" or "Your server's PHP does not seem to be able to use the MySQL extensions required by WordPress." If you see this, install the following and restart apache and mysql

Access http://[FQDN]/wp-admin/install.php

On the following input screen
Site Title   Any name
Username   Any name
Password  Any password
Your Email  Administrator's email address
Enter the information and click "Install WordPress". Remember to enter your "username" and "password" as they are required to access the WordPress administration screen.

After successfully logging in, you will be able to access the following WordPress admin page

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