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Editing image format files on Linux

Editing image format files on Linux

●Rotate the image

The Linux convert command can be used to rotate images.
To rotate an image, add the "-rotate" option to the convert command and specify the rotation angle as an argument.

[root@Lion ~]# convert -rotate 90 sample.jpg sample_90.jpg
↑Rotate the file "sample.jpg" 90 degrees clockwise and save it as a file "sample_90.jpg".
※The rotation angle is essentially clockwise. To rotate counter-clockwise, specify a negative value

●Enlarge or reduce the image

To scale an image file, use the convert command with the "-geometry" option. You can specify the width and height as arguments, but if you want to scale the image while keeping the aspect ratio, you can specify the ratio as "%".

[root@Lion ~]# convert -geometry 640x480 sample.jpg sample_640x480.jpg
↑Change "sample.jpg" to 640 pixels wide and 480 pixels high, and save it as "sample_640x480.jpg".
Change the destination file extension to that of another image while enlarging or reducing the image.
[root@Lion ~]# convert -geometry "60%" sample.jpg sample_640x480.BMP
↑Reduce "sample.jpg" to 60% width and save as BMP format "sample_60.BMP
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