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FreeBSD13.2 ; FTP Server , Samba Fileserver

1. FTP Server(Vsftpd)

1.1 advance preparation

①Private Key Creation

➁Passphrase Deletion

➂change of access permission


1.2 vsftpd Install

1.1 Install

1.2Edit vsftpd configuration file

Edit /etc/hosts.allow

Edit chroot_list
This time wrote the general user huong

Auto Start Enabled

1.3 Passive port opening with Firewall
Refer to the following page to open ports 4000-4009

1.4 Connect with FileZilla

Password : General user huong password

2. File Server with Samba

Use Samba to build a file server for Windows and Mac file sharing

2.1 Samba Install

Remove the active directory relationships for ADS and AD_DC, as they will not be used this time.
LDAP is also removed because account management is not done through LDAP.
By default, Zeroconf Support is checked for AVAHI, but change it to MDNSRESPONDER

Other options installed by default

Once compilation is complete, install

2.2 Samba Configuration

Create a new /usr/local/etc/smb4.conf

Create shared directory
Set the shared directory as /home/share, the owner as huong (a general user registered in Freebsd), and the access permissions as read/write/execute for general users and the wheel group

Open /etc/rc.conf and add samba_server_enable="YES

Register huong (a general user registered with Freebsd) as a Samba user and set a password (using the pdbedit command)

If firewall is enabled, open samba use port (445)
xxx should be different from other rule numbers.

Start samba

2.3 Confirmation of Samba startup

Windows Settings
・Confirm that the workgroup name is "WORKGROUP

In the File Explorer address bar, type "\\<Samba Server IP address>\<shared directory name>".
(This time '\\\share')
Enter your registered user name and password when the login screen appears.

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