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Rocky Linux 8.4 ; antivirus, etc.

1.Synchronize the server time with Japan Standard Time.

Edit chrony.conf

Checking the status (behavior) of chronyd

If you see the "*" mark, synchronization is complete.

2.virus protection

2.1 Clam AntiVirus installation and definition/configuration file settings

①Installing Clam AntiVirus

➁Virus definition file update setting
Edit virus definition file update setting file

➂Update virus definition files

④Edit Clam AntiVirus configuration file

⑤Start Clam AntiVirus

2.2 Configure virus scanning and periodic execution

1)Perform virus scanning.
■If the virus is not detected

■When a virus is detected
Download a test virus

2)Deployment of automatic virus scan execution scripts
Create with the following contents

Specify scan exclusion directory

3)Set up a regular virus scan.

Run a scan at 1 a.m. every day with the above settings

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