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Test the installation of RPM packages.

Test the installation of RPM packages.

Sometimes, due to dependencies, conflicts, or other problems, an error message will be displayed when executing the install command and the installation will fail.
It is possible to test for such problems before installation.
To do so, run the rpm command with the "--test" option and execute the installation.

[root@Lion ~]# rpm -ivh --test zlib-devel-1.2.3-4vl5.i386.rpm
↑Test the installation of the rpm package

RPM dependencies and conflicts

RPM packages are very easy and convenient to manage, but most of the errors are due to missing and conflicting dependent packages.
Dependencies are cases where a library shortage occurs and an error occurs because a package that is required to use the package you are trying to install is not installed.
In the case of a dependency error, the dependent package should be installed first.

Conflict is a case where an error occurs due to a conflict caused by a package that provides a similar function already being installed. In most cases, the error can be avoided by removing the conflicting package.

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