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Rocky Linux9.2 ; Logwatch , DiCE , Disk Usage Check Script

1. Logwatch


Edit configuration file

Output Logwatch reports

It will appear as follows

④Test to see if the report arrives at the address you set. Check if you receive a log report email like the one above.

2. DiCE

Whenever the global IP changes, which happens when the network is disconnected or the router is disconnected and rebooted, the dynamic DNS must be accessed to inform the user that the global IP has changed. DiCE does this automatically!

Download and install Dice

DiCE Settings
DiCE output characters are EUC and therefore garbled; install nkf to convert to UTF-8

Installed the following to run 32-bit software Dice on 64-bit OS

③Launch DiCE

④Add Event
When the DNS service is VALUEDOMAIN
※Only Japanese version is available

⑤Automatic execution of Dice
Start the DiCE daemon

Check if it is activated

Set to start automatically

Update domain information acquired through ValueDomain
There is no English version of DiCE.
Since the above DiCE is only available in Japanese and is old and has not been updated, I have prepared a shell script to update it.
I'm not sure if it will work, but I'll try it on a trial basis.

Auto Update Settings
With crontab -e, add the following to update periodically

3.Introduce disk usage check script

3.1 Script Creation

Contents of

3.2 Execution Confirmation

①Check current usage rates

It appears as follows

②Create a dummy file to achieve at least 80% utilization

③check again

④Run check scripts

You will receive an email to the email address you have set up, stating something like "Disk usage alert: 83 %".

⑤Delete "dummyfile"

⑥Periodic Execution Setting