ntpdate command

LINUX-Frequently used commands

ntpdate command Set the time on the server.
ntpdate  [Time server name (or IP address)]
The ntpdate command connects to a time server on the Internet (an NTP server) and corrects the server's own time..
You can run the ntpdate command periodically to keep the time correct at all times.
This command must be run as must be run with super user (root) privileges.
Frequently used options
-b            Forced time correction
-d            Enable debug mode
-s            Output log to syslog when ntpdate is run
-t <Seconds>      Specify the timeout period (default 1 second).
Example: Correcting the time.
$  ntpdate  ntp.jst.mfeed.ad.jp   ← Connect to ntp.jst.mfeed.ad.jp and correct the time
Main NTP servers.
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