cp command

LINUX-Frequently used commands

cp command Copy the file or directory
cp   [Option]  [Copy source file name] [Copy destination file name]
Use this command to copy a file or directory.
When executing, you must specify the source file name and destination file name.
Frequently used options
-r   Copy the entire directory
-f   Force to overwrite the destination file if it already exists
-i   If the destination file already exists, confirm whether to overwrite it.
-p  Copies the source file while retaining its owner, timestamp, access rights, and other information
Example: Copy the file.
$ cp data.dat data_new.dat  ← Copy "data.dat" to "data_new.dat".
Example: Copy the entire directory
$ cp -r dir1 dir2  ← Execute the "cp" command with the option "-r"
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