wget command

LINUX-Frequently used commands

wget command Download files by URL.
wget  [URL]
The wget command allows you to download a file by specifying the URL starting with "http://" or "https://"
Frequently used options
-V     Display the version of wget
-h     Display help for wget
-r     Website recursive collection (also download linked pages)
The default depth of the hierarchy to download is 5
-l      Specifies the depth of the recursion
Example: Download the file.
$ wget http://ftp.tsukuba.wide.ad.jp/software/apache//httpd/httpd-2.4.41.tar.gz
Download Apacche httpd-2.4.41.tar.gz
Example: Recursive download of linked pages.
$ wget -r http://ftp.tsukuba.wide.ad.jp/software/apache//httpd/
Example: Download the linked page by specifying the hierarchy.
$ wget -r -l 7 http://ftp.tsukuba.wide.ad.jp/software/apache//httpd/  ←Download up to 7 levels
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