cd command

LINUX-Frequently used commands

cd command Move to a different directory.
cd  directory
The cd command moves to the specified directory.
If you omit the directory name and just execute cd, you will be taken to the user's home directory.
Both absolute and relative paths can be used to specify the directory name.
Example: Move the directory (absolute path).
$  cd /var/usr/ ← Go to /var/usr/
Example: Moving a directory (relative path)
$  cd ..   ← Go to the next directory up
Example: Go to the home directory
$  cd  ← cd command only
Example: Go to the user's home directory
$  su -    ← "su -" to become root
passwd  <Enter the root password>
[root@Panser ~]#  cd ~[user name] [root@Panser [username]]#
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