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MiracleLinux ; Mysql , WordPress

Install  Mysql8

Create a new "charset.cnf" with the following contents

Once completed, set the password for the root user using the "mysql_secure_installation" command

Install WordPress

1. Create a database for WordPress.

For example, database[wp_db] database user[wp_user] password[?W123456]

2 Web server configuration for WordPress

① Edit Apache configuration file

3.Install WordPress

4.Edit the WordPress configuration file

5.Moving files

①Move the expanded contents under /var/www/html/[FQDN for wordpress].

After confirming that the files have been moved, delete the wordpress directory and the downloaded latest-ja.tar.gz.

Make apache the owner of the wordpress directory.

6.Start the wordpress installation.

Access http://[FQDN for wordpress]/wp-admin/install.php with a browser, enter your user name, password, and other necessary information, and start the installation.